Q. What are your prices like?  Why does the price vary according to number of people?

A. Our pricing per event depends on few important factors.  The number of guests attending tells us the what we need to know to determine the type and size of equipment that will be required for your event. The amount of equipment and setup time is significantly different for an event for 50 people, 500 people, 1000 people and the price will reflect that.

Q. I’m getting ABC DJ Company to do it for $X amount. Will you match it?

A. No. You are not comparing apples to apples.  Maybe, they have only been in business for 1 month or don’t have experience with Large events...  Depending on the event and what you require - ABC DJ may be sufficient for you!  Remember you get what you pay for.  Be wary of students, teenage DJ's as you may save some money- but do you really want your Wedding/ Anniversary Event in the hands of a junior or rookie? or Let them make mistakes at your event? 

Q. We have booked a hall that has in “in house” system - should we use it? 

 A.This depends on the venue. Some halls have policies where outside equipment is simply not permitted - in which case - you don’t have much choice. If no such policy exists - then it's up to you to decide, but generally the DJ Company support and know their own equipment best.

Q. How many years of experience do your DJ’s have?
A. Depending on the DJ/Entertainer, experienced from 10+ to 18+ years.

Q. Is the price negotiable?
A. We are Professionals and provide good value.  Regardless if it’s on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, generally speaking the price is not negotiable because the demand for these days is high at that time. 

Q.Why don’t you offer any other services such as Video and Photography? 
A. We specialize in DJ & Entertainment Services. Video/Photo and DJ have very little in common, in terms of ability or expertise... We Can refer you to our trusted partners in this field. 

Q. How much deposit do you require to secure date?
A. 50% at Signing of Contract.  Travel & Taxes are applicable to the total cost. 


Q. What styles of music do you play?
A. We play specifically for your event, and your specifics needs. Generally we can cater to ALL types of music. Retro, House, Old School, Top 40, Dance, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Soca, Bollywood, Latino, Bhangra Remixes, Urban, and Arabic...

Q. How much time is needed for set up?
A. We usually require at least 2-3 hours prior to the event to ensure a proper set up and sound check.

Q. Do you take requests?
A. Yes we do, but that also depends if the Host would like the DJ to take Requests.

Q. Do you own your equipment?
A Yes! We are proud to have invested heavily in our equipment and upgrade often when required.  In our experience we give you the peace of mind when you deal with someone with the tools of the trade.

Q. Do you have Back up Equipment?
A. Yes we do have back up gear available. (Pioneer/ Numark/Shure/Denon/Yorkville/JBL/QSC).

Q. Do you have cordless microphones?
A. Yes we offer "Pro Shure" wireless microphones.

Q. Have you done weddings from mixed ethnic backgrounds? 
A. Yes, each of our DJ's have done Over 2500 hundred events. We have been doing this for over 18years with great success.  Understanding the needs of our customers ensures we can deliver the right mix of music for your guests.

Q. Why are your prices higher than others?
A. We believe our prices reflect the true costs involved with delivering quality and experienced professionals true to their craft. We do not cut corners or compromise quality for price.  Would you trust a plumber, mechanic or lawyer  that charges $12/hr? 

Q. Why Should we Choose eDIGITAL DJ?
A. We HAVE the EXPERIENCE and have been Entertaining for over 18 years. Experience combined with the best sound will make you happy you decided to work with an industry leader who delivers on their word with out compromise.

And WE CARE - Period!