Important Things to Consider When Choosing a DJ Company

Please review and print the following list of questions that you should ask while considering a potential Disc Jockey for your special occasion.

Getting Value, or Risking Friendship.
Have You Heard the term “You Get What You Pay For, When Looking for a Disc Jockey look at competitive pricing and see what is offered with that service. DIGITAL SOUNDS DJ will work with you to help make your Special Dream Wedding or Function a Success. To save a few bucks and going for the “Bargain Pricing” may later cause you much stress leading up to your Special Day.

Friends and Relatives can DJ your event?
If you are considering this to save money, but it could cost you that friendship – value the time commitments & effort for the events! Special Occasions happen only once, and should be done well. (No Second Chances For That Dream Wedding Reception).

Does the DJ belong to any DJ Association?
An Association allows members to network with other members for training & support. Members have many high standards to follow. DIGITAL SOUNDS DJ Arif is a member in Great Standing with The Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association, . With this membership, you as the client have a place to voice any kudos, concerns or complaints about the company.

Experience – How long the Disc Jockey been working doing this?
Experience, plus continued learning & training. Do they invest in training themselves each year? Your Special Occasion is just that – A Special Occasion – Don't take that chance to save few hundred dollars with In-Experienced /Junior teens for a $30-$150K Wedding/Event - where guests Will leave early if they don't like the Music. We plan with you, to Execute your Vision, Seamlessly!

Licensed by the AVLA?
Your special event could end abruptly, if a licensing inspector finds that your Disc Jockey is not licensed by the AVLA. In today's world with downloaded music, this license allows DJ's to carry Music that has been copied from the original Source. Many DJ's carry music like this, without a license.

Professional Audio and lighting equipment should be used for any occasion. (there are some Disc Jockey's who still bring a home stereo). Professional equipment is durable and is made to sound good and be played over a long periods.

Dress Code?

Casual or Formal, the Disc Jockey will be dressed appropriately for your occasion.

Yes, Request are great – this can be discussed in part of your Planner. You can also Let the DJ decide of the Request is appropriate or not.

Testimonials/ WeddingWire?
A Professional Disc Jockey that has been in business for sometime, will have many client testimonials for you to read. Check out DIGITAL SOUNDS Testimonials.

Yes, this is a must for you as the client. This protects you to make sure you get what the DJ has discussed with you in writing. It will state all the details of payments, date, location and any other terms with your services. You don't want to say it's your word against their word. Protect yourself and make sure you have documentation.

Finally, when choosing your Disc Jockey, remember to use wisdom and common sense with what you are choosing for your event. Make sure that You are Comfortable with the Disc Jockey you hire.

What we are told from past clients & what they appreciated the most from us.